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We are licensed by the Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta, Georgia for MTSU retirement gifts, graduation gifts, or special occasion gifts. We also offer several MTSU baby products.

About The Gata Company

Our Philosophy

We operate our company with four very basic rules.

  • Rule #1. The customer must reach their goals before we can reach our goals.
  • Rule #2. Never forget Rule #1.
  • Rule #3. The more money you make the more money we make.  The more money we make the happier my wife is.
  • Rule #4 Never forget Rule #1 or Rule #3. 

Our History

THE GATA COMPANY was officially started in 1988.  Our roots go back even further to when we coached high school football.  Our first product was a XXL tee shirt for a football player.  Our business has grown every year since then.  We continue to offer new and unique products every year for golf tournament gifts, grand openings or specials events, and for the successful executive leader.  Each year we add exciting new items for your backyard enjoyment along with our pool/patio furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know you are a reliable company?
    Call and we will give you some references.
  2. Do you offer more products than are on your website?
  3. Do you take Credit Cards?
    No. We accept net 30 with approved credit.
  4. What do you do with your customer's personal or company information?
    THE GATA COMPANY does not give nor sell any information pertaining to our customers.
  5. What is your delivery time?
    For the majority of our products, it is 10-15 business days after you approve your artwork.  Pool and Patio products will not have a corporate logo and may take longer to ship depending on the items you order.

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